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Event ID: 2380 Source: MSExchangeMSMI

A memory access violation has occurred that prevents further processing of a message. The access violation that occurred is an attempt to read from 0. Please refer to the immediately following event(s) logged by MS Mail Connector Interchange for more information on the message that could not be processed.
The Microsoft Mail Connector may stop in irregular intervals and this event is logged. To resolve this problem obtain the latest service pack. See ME198393 for more information on this event.
The MSMI is freeing a block of heap memory before the actual process is done with it. When the process tries to access this freed area of memory, this event is logged. See ME149387 for more information about this problem.

The MSMI's outbound processing thread(s) have raised a handled exception while "owning" a thread synchronization object (mutex) that other threads are waiting for. While the exception is handled, the mutex is not properly released, resulting in "blocked" execution of the other threads. See ME151669 for more information about this issue.

The MSMI requires a value in the PRMD (Private Resource Management Domain) field to operate correctly. If the X.400 Site Addressing value has a blank PRMD, this event is logged. See ME165485 for a workaround.

This event may occur if data compression is turned on for directory synchronization (dirsync) messages. See ME200079 for more information.

This issue can occur if the message contains an address that contains an unresolved Distinguished Name (DN) string. See ME243701 to solve this problem.
In this case, this message will come each time the MSExchangeMSMI service is restarted when a message queued in the MTA. These symptoms occur when you receive a message by means of the Internet Mail Connector that contains a REPLY-TO address that cannot be understood by the Microsoft Mail Connector. The problem was corrected in the latest Microsoft Exchange 4.0 U.S. Service Pack. See ME158379.

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