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Event ID: 240 Source: Win32k

A request to suspend power was denied by <application name>.
- Application: winword.exe. Our solution was simple to redirect the autosave-location within the options of Word, to a local drive. After this alteration, Hibernation/Stand-Bye works really fine.
- Application: SbTrayManager - Using WIN2K, the computer will show a blue screen with various error messages and/or report no operating system found. We have linked that to the use of Encryption Software - Safeboot. This log entry occurs when a user powers the computer down by using the power button versus Start -> Shut Down. In some cases the data is recoverable and in some it has not been due to the use of Safeboot Encryption software.
- Application: winword.exe - From a newsgroup post: "I own an Electrovaya Scribbler SC-2200 Premium tablet, running Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. Both are fully patched. My computer is a member of a domain, and my user account is configured with a roaming profile, folder redirection ("My Documents" and "Application Data" are both redirected back to my home directory on the network), and offline files. If I started Word while logged into my domain account (a power user), I could not suspend my tablet, and this event was logged. The culprit, it turned out, was the combination of Offline Files and Folder Redirection for the "Application Data" folder. Once I redirected that folder back into my roaming profile, I was able to suspend my tablet with Word running".

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