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Event ID: 24595 Source: cissesrv

A drive failure notification has been received for the SAS physical drive located in bay 3. This drive can be found in box 1 which is connected to port 3I of the array controller P410i [Embedded]. The failure reason received from the HP Smart Array firmware is: REMOVED_IN_HOT_PLUG.
The failure reason should provide a first clue about the source of the problem.

Reason "REMOVED_IN_HOT_PLUG" - One user reported this as being caused by a faulty hard drive (in bay 3) - however, the event itself with reason "REMOVED_IN_HOT_PLUG" simply indicates that the hot plug backup drive has been removed from its bay (the event is not directly connected to the fact that the drive was faulty).

Reason "TIMEOUT" - The user was experiencing this error for several hard drives. The hard disk controller logs indicated several problems with the hard drives, however the cause was the controller itself.

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