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Event ID: 24606 Source: Cissesrv

Logical drive 1 configured on array controller P410i [Embedded] located in server slot 1 returned a fatal error during a read/write request from/to the volume.

Logical block address 8644122, block count 221 and command 32 were taken from the failed logical I/O request.  

Array controller P410i [Embedded] is also reporting that the last physical drive to report a fatal error condition (associated with this logical request), is located on bus 0 and ID 5.
I logged a case with HP and they asked me to run the Array Diagnostic Utility. After running the tool (no downtime is required), the report show this:

SLOT 0 Smart Array E200i Controller ERROR REPORT:
   Array accelerator status:
      Valid data found at reset
      Hardware Problem detected with Cache board.
      Please replace Cache board.

So, it confims that this is due to hardware error on the Cache board and HP is going to replace it for me.

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