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Event ID: 25102 Source: MicrosoftOperationsManager

Unrecoverable database errors occurred during event or alert insertion. Some data may have been lost. The system will attempt to continue processing events and alerts.
Details: Error information has 1 rows and 6 columns.Err 0: op = 0, HRESULT = <error code>, Description = <description>, SQL native = <value>, SQL description = <SQL description>, Method name = <method>Found 1 errors, 0 were collisions.
This event can occur because the transaction log runs out of space. See ME917665 to solve this problem.
- Error code: 80040e14 - 1. This error can be caused by a SQL database setting. Open SQL Enterprise Manager find one point (MOM database), go to Properties -> Options, and uncheck ''Restrict access''.
2. In addition, check whether the partition where the SQL database resides has enough free space.
3. From a newsgroup post: “This problem appears when “Named Pipes” is installed as the preferred SQL network protocol. Using this protocol as the preferred protocol causes SQL to ignore any DAS commands forwarded through TCP/IP.
To correct this problem the following is recommended:
- Open a command prompt window (Start -> Run) on each DAS and Database server, type cliconfg and click OK.
- From the General tab select TCP/IP as the default or move TCP/IP to the top of the list of available protocols (which step you take depends on which version of Cliconfg you have installed).
- Click Apply and OK to save the changes.
These steps set the default protocol to TCP/IP on the database.
NOTE: This workaround stops data loss but the messages are still generated. However, after ensuring that TCP/IP is the default network protocol, the events reference recoverable data instead. These events can if desired be filtered out.
- Error code: 80004005 - See ME300327.

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