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Event ID: 2536 Source: ADAM

The directory server has failed to update the ADAM serviceConnectionPoint object in the Active Directory. This operation will be retried.

Additional Data
SCP object DN:
Error value: 58 The specified server cannot perform the requested operation.
Server error: (n/a)
Internal ID: <ID>
ADAM service account: <account>

User Action
If ADAM is running under a local service account it will be unable to update the data in the Active Directory. Consider changing the ADAM service account to either NetworkService or a domain account.

If ADAM is running under a domain user account make sure this account has sufficient rights to update the serviceConnectionPoint object.

ServiceConnectionPoint object publication can be disabled for this instance by setting msDS-DisableForInstances attribute on the SCP publication configuration object.
From a newsgroup post: “By default, an ADAM instance tries to register SCPs in AD for service publication. That way you could do some ADAM service discovery if you choose to do so. This error tells me that the security context under which you are running ADAM does not have permissions to do the registration. If you are not using SCPs then there is no problem. You can also turn off SCP registration if you would like”.
From the ADAM Technical Reference: “To prevent the publication of SCPs for all ADAM instances in an ADAM configuration set, set the attribute Enabled on the object CN=SCP Publication Service, CN=Directory Service, CN=Windows NT, CN=Services, CN=Configuration, CN={GUID} to False”. See the link to “ADAM Technical Reference” for additional information.

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