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Event ID: 257 Source: Defrag

The volume (C:) was not defragmented because an error was encountered: This shrink size specified is too big. (0x89000021).
Error code 0x8900002D: Neither Slab Consolidation nor Slab Analysis will run if slabs are less than 8 MB. If this error is recorded for a system running on a virtual machine (such as Hyper-V, VMware, Azure, etc) see EV100648 (Azure Virtual Machines: Event 257: Defrag: Slab Consolidation/ Slab Analysis) for an explanation of this type of error and some suggestions.
This event can be recorded in various conditions. The error code listed in the event description provides additional details about the source of the problem:

- Error code 0x89000019 - Indicates a lack of free disk space required for the defragmentation. From a support forum: "I had this problem after installing new drives with plenty of free space. I checked the drives for hardware errors and everything was fine. Then I had the idea to delete all inside the folder C:\Windows\Prefetch and the problem was fixed.

- Error code 0x89000021: This shrink size specified is too big - According to ME976436, this may be recorded because the defrag application can return more reclaimable bytes than actually is available for a given volume. See the article for full details.

- Error code 0x89000011: The disk was disconnected from the system. One user reported this error as being fixed after replacing the cable on one of his SATA drives.

- Error code 0x8007000B: An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. A support forum suggests that this was caused by Norton Internet Security.

EV100334 (IVdsVolumeShrink::Shrink method) provides details about the volume shrink programming method (and how the shrinking works).

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