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Event ID: 258 Source: QLManagementAgentJava

SDGetBeaconControl failed (0x20000066) (Command not supported).
If you see this event when Windows Server 2003 starts, then see the link to "Qlogic Support Solution 11764".
The problem is caused by having the iSCSI Blade Manager installed when there is no iSCSI HBA installed. See the link to "Qlogic Support Solution 14722" to find out how to fix this problem.
I received the following from QLogic in response to a help ticket I submitted:

”The message is strictly informational. This is due to an error created by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) used by our HBA GUI. QLA23xx series HBAs support beaconing of the LEDs as viewed from the faceplate of the HBA. This allows the end-user to visually acknowledge the physical position of any given HBA in any Host system. The QLA22xx series of HBAs do not have LEDs and therefore do not support this feature. The JVM is not receiving a response back from the QLA22xx about its LED status, and as a result generates this ID 258 error. To resolve this problem, a newer version of the JVM package has to be incorporated into the SANsurfer GUI. This fix will be solved in the SMS 4.0 release. SMS 4.0 is due to be release sometime in November 2004”.

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