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Event ID: 26 Source: ApplicationPopup

Application popup: <application name> - Application Error : The instruction at "<memory location>" referenced memory at "<memory location>". The memory could not be "written".
This is a very generic event that can be the result of failure of a large variety of applications. In implies that an application failed while the user was logged in, using the system and that a warning message “popped-up” on the screen with the same information as in the event description. The event is recorded in addition to the pop-up error message. When looking for solutions for this problem look at the application that is mentioned in the event and only try to suggestions that are related to that particular one. The fact that a certain “instruction” at a certain memory location was the one causing the problem is useless for troubleshooting purposes (unless you are a highly specialized programmer with the right tools and able to replicate the problem at will).
- Application: w3wp.exe - See ME919789.
- Application: RTVSCAN.EXE - See the link to "Symantec Knowledge Base Document ID: 2005062407124348".
- Application: cdmsvc.exe - See "Citrix Support Document ID: CTX103330".
- Application: WINPROJ.EXE - See "Citrix Support Document ID: CTX108055".

From a newsgroup post: "We had an error similar to this and eventually found that it was related to user environment variables being set by a logon script. Try looking at your user environment variables. Right-click "My Computer" then go to the "Advanced tab" then click the "Environment Variables" button. Try clearing out the user variables then test your application. Then reboot and test again".
- Application: msaccess.exe - As Microsoft reports this behavior can occur if the default or report-specific printer is set to a Hewlett-Packard (HP) LaserJet 4000 PCL 6 printer. See ME310808 for information on fixing this problem.
Application: spoolsv - This error occurred while trying to print a Word document in Word 2002. We turned off background printing.

Application: Ieak6wiz.exe - See ME312869. After applying the suggestion there all is OK.
Application: Outloook.exe - Happens while archiving from Outlook 2000, Windows 2000 Professional.
One or more Outlook folders were set to be archived to a file in a folder that does not exist.
Correction: verify all Outlook folders: right mouse click on folder name, properties, autoarchive, move old items to: <file in existing folder>.

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