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Event ID: 26 Source: ApplicationPopup

Application popup: <application or service name> - Unable To Locate DLL : The dynamic link library <dll name> could not be found in the specified path <entire system search path>.
I had an issue after SP2 upgrade on Itanium servers where terminal services were not functioning anymore. There was an application pop up - termdd.sys can not be founded and for this there are two possible ways to fix it:
1. ME329896
2. In case of itanium - repair system directly from installation cd with SP2.
- Application: exmgmt.exe, dll: MSVCP60.dll. If you remove the Veritas NetBackup program, from an Exchange 2000 server that has Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later installed on it, Veritas NetBackup software Setup removes the Msvcp60.dll file from the %System32% folder on the Exchange 2000 server. See ME325511 for more details.
Generated by "Services.exe", in our environment, this was the reason for multiple 26 events, and was followed by subsequent service failures. It was encountered after installing SP-3 on Win2000 server systems w/Active Directory.

The dll missing in our case (deleted by SP3 installation and never reinstalled) was activeds.dll and caused failure in more than 10 services, including RPC, RPCLoc, SNMP, Netlogon, SNMP, DNS Server, IAS, WMI and others.

However, the system was still startable, and after the service start timeout passed, it was still possible to log on locally without problems and take action.
Service: inetinfo.exe, Dll: fp30wel.dll - After the error message appears, the Internet Information Server stops processing. Only after restarting the IIS services, the webserver will work again. Configuration: Windows 2000 SP3 Server, Stand-Alone-Server, IIS 5.0, no frontpage extensions installed. No additional information.
Service: inetinfo.exe, Dll: fp30wel.dll - After the error message appears, the Internet Information Server stops processing. Installing and uninstalling FP-Extensions didnt resolve the problem. We worked around the problem the following way: we installed URLScan on the webserver and blocked every access to Frontpage specific content _vti, and so on. So the server is secure and FP-protected.

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