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Event ID: 26017 Source: MicrosoftOperationsManager

An agent at <IP address> attempted to contact the MOM service but was rejected because the MOM Service is configured to reject new manual agent installations.
Information from the MOM management pack: A manually-installed agent cannot connect to the MOM Management Server because the Reject new manual agent installations setting is set to not allow this. This setting can be set at the management group level or the Management Server level and only affects agents installed after it has been set.
This means the agent will not be able to send operational data to the Management Server and MOM cannot monitor or manage this computer until this setting has been changed to allow these agents.
To allow manually installed agents to connect:
1. In the MOM 2005 Administrator Console, navigate to Administration -> Global Settings.
2. Open the properties for the Management Servers node.
3. On the Agent Install tab, clear the Reject new manual agent installations checkbox.
4. Right-click the Management Packs folder and click Commit Configuration Change. 5. Restart the MOM Service on the Management Server. The agents will appear in the Administration -> Computers -> Pending Actions folder.
6. Approve the agents.

NOTE - This setting affects only agents that are installed after it is configured.
NOTE - If the Reject new manual agent installations setting is enabled, only push-installed agents that are installed by the MOM Management Server are accepted and are able to communicate with the management group.
NOTE - The Reject new manual agent installations setting depends upon mutual authentication. IF mutual authentication is not enabled, the setting has no affect and manually-installed agents will be accepted regardless of the setting.

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