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Event ID: 269 Source: CardSpace3.0.0.0

The Windows CardSpace service is too busy to process this request. User has too many outstanding requests.
Apparently this event can be recorded when applications interfere with the CardSpace user interface. Some examples:
- Password Safe (v 3.07)
- Acronis Scheduler Helper
- Lotus Sametime 7.5

Some users reported this problem being fixed after upgrading to the latest version of .NET.

From a support forum:
Are you trying to import a managed card or restore your cards when you see this behavior?

if yes:

CardSpace shows the file-browse dialog in the regular desktop. During this process, a switch to the regular desktop can be seen, but completing the file browse will return you back to the private desktop. While you are in file-browse mode, you can switch to other applications in your regular desktop and when you go to IE, it will appear hung as cardspace operation is being performed.

if no:

Some applications try to always swtich focus to the regular desktop (like SameTime from Lotus). So if such a application is running, and cardspace operation is invoked, the application switches to regular desktop and cardspace UI is left running in private desktop. Again IE will appear hung...

Try and see if you can find the offending application...

Also only one CardSpace operation can be active per user. In both cases, since a CardSpace operation is active, additional requests will be denied. Hence you see CardSpace service is busy error in eventlog. The service stops after 15 minutes of inactivity, and hence your operations after wait time will succeed.

Tip: You can stop and then start the cardspace service to make it accept cardspace operations immediately after such an error. Following commands will do that (note that it required admin rights, elevated cmd prompt if in vista)

net stop idsvc

net start idsvc

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