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Event ID: 27 Source: E1000

<network adapter name> Link has been disconnected.
Data: <data>.
In my case, turning off the IIS-Admin service, which also then shuts down the WWW_Publishing Service, solved the problem. Afterwards, the IIS-Admin service restarted because it was set to "Automatic", but the WWW_Publishing Service remained shut down. No further problems since.
I got this event on our servers followed by event ID 33 (connection established) from the same source about 3 seconds later. On further investigation, I found out that we had a brief overnight power cut of a few seconds, which cut the power to the switches; hence, the connection was dropped and then established again a few seconds later when the switches came back up.
I had this problem on only one of a number of seemingly identical Dell machines. I tried different network ports but the problem persisted, so it was definitely within the PC. After trying a number of settings without success I changed the power saving configuration to prevent the computer going into standby mode (even though all the other PCs were set to go into standby) and this resolved the problem.
Reported by an Intel network adapter, is indicates that the adapter is no longer connected to the network (no cable or faulty hub/switch).
- Intel(R) PRO/1000 MT Server Adapter
- Intel(R) 82540EM Based Network Connection.
- Intel(R) PRO/1000 MTW Network Connection

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