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Event ID: 2843 Source: Microsoft-Windows-ActiveDirectory_DomainService

The Knowledge Consistency Checker was unable to locate a replication connection for the read-only local directory service.  A replication connection with the following option must exist in the forest for correct FRS system behavior.

Additional Data
User Action
Restore the original replication connection for the local directory service instance on a writable directory service instance.
I ran into this in a customers environment. The RODC had lost it's RODC inbound connection.  To manually recreate the connection, I performed on a writeable DC (in domain
1. In adsiedit connect to configuration.
2. Locate the NTDS settings object for the RODC. The distinguish name of this object is: CN=NTDS SettingsCN=<server_name>CN=ServersCN=<site_name>CN=SitesCN=ConfigurationDC=telcoDC=com
3. Right click the NTDS settings object and click New Object.
4. Select nTDSconnection for the class
5. Enter RODC Connection (FRS) for Attribute cn
6. Enter 65 for Attribute options
7. Enter CN=NTDS SettingsCN=<writeable_dc>CN=ServersCN=<site_name>CN=SitesCN=ConfigurationDC=telcoDC=com for Attribute fromServer
8. Enter True for Attribute enabledConnection
9. Click Finish to create the object.

One could also attempt to demote and remove the RODC and re-promote it.

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