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Event ID: 289 Source: MSExchangeMTA

A connection to /O=GNS/OU=EFJ/CN=CONFIGURATION/CN=SERVERS/CN=EFJ-DMZ-00/CN=MICROSOFT MTA could not be opened. [MTA XFER-IN 17 26] (12)
As per Microsoft: "This event only occurs when logging is turned on for the X.400 Service. The connector specified in the message cannot be opened. Typically, when this event occurs, a corresponding network type warning from the message transfer agent (MTA) also occurs". See MSEX2KDB for further details.

See ME247782 for additional information about this event.
As per Microsoft: "This behavior can occur because of network-related problems that are external to Exchange Server performance. When there is not enough network bandwidth for any additional traffic, the message transfer agent (MTA) cannot create the necessary connections. To resolve this issue, troubleshoot network connectivity and bandwidth issues". See ME246278 for more details.
I received this error in conjuntion with error 9318. It looks as though there is a problem with the DNS on the Server in the message "SERVERS/CN=EFJ-DMZ-00/". The fix to this problem appears to be the same as 9318, which is to make sure your secondary name server is a legitimate DNS server. If not remove it. After doing this both error messages (9318, and 289) disappeared.
This event can occur in certain conditioins when you set up Dynamic Remote Access Service on Microsoft Exchange Server. See ME253307 for more details.
This issue can occur as a result of poor network quality. See ME257727, ME157630 for details.
Also, as per ME169716, in order for the MTAs to communicate successfully via a configured connector, each connector involved must be configured for a connection schedule other than "Never". The Schedule tab on the connector's property page provides control over when the connector is available.
ME196381 indicates that this message can occur when the X400 connector has to pass through a firewall to reach the remote site.

As per ME246278, to resolve this issue, troubleshoot network connectivity and bandwidth issues.
I received this error in conjuntion with error 9318 on an Exchange 5.5 server. The MSExchange MTA service was had stopped on the E2k server. Started service and errors ended.

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