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Event ID: 30 Source: Outlook

The store <store> is being reconciled with the indexer for the following reason: Non-matching max change numbers.
Error "The store was last opened on a different machine." or "The store was last opened with an older version. " - When starting Outlook 2007 the following informational message is displayed: "Unable to open the Outlook window." After that Outlook shuts down.

Cause: The navigational pane has become corrupt.

Fix: Start Outlook with the following switch: outlook /resetnavpane
Error: Non-matching max change numbers. -  This happened to one of our users when starting up Outlook as it generally seems to cause Outlook to hang while processing this the user became impatient and proceeded to attempt to end task outlook which also didn't work (I've read that other people can start a second instance of outlook when this happens and it connects fine).

The user then attempted a reboot which I can only assume was hanging on Outlook and either forced outlook closed or the user accessed the power button to force a restart. When logging back in all related exchange profiles (there were several profiles from the same server) were no longer listed and seemingly deleted.

Unfortunately the users account of the events is sketchy so some of this is guesswork based on the user's usual actions/reactions but just in case profile deletion can occur from attempting to force this to end it is advised not to.
I just reactivated "Windows Search" again and restarted.
Remove the Google desktop search and replace it with Microsoft's version.
See EV100184 (Tips to Solve .pst is being reconciled with the indexer.. Error) for an article related to this problem.

EV100185 provides information about another conditions when this event may be recorded.

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