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Event ID: 3000 Source: TFSServices

TF53010: The following error has occurred in a Team Foundation component or extension:
Date (UTC): 12/2/2013 7:07:31 PM
Application Domain: TfsJobAgent.exe
Assembly: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server Version= Culture=neutral PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a v2.0.50727
Service Host:
Process Details:
  Process Name: TFSJobAgent
  Process Id: 2636
  Thread Id: 6448
  Account name: SIMBIONIX\tfsservice

Detailed Message: TF271001: An error occurred while attempting to send an e-mail notification to the following address: Further e-mail notification errors that occur within the next five minutes might not be logged. Verify that the e-mail notification settings are correct in the Team Foundation Administration Console.
Exception Message: The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. b42sm73925740eem.9 - gsmtp (type SmtpException)

Exception Stack Trace:    at System.Net.Mail.MailCommand.CheckResponse(SmtpStatusCode statusCode String response)
   at System.Net.Mail.MailCommand.Send(SmtpConnection conn Byte[] command String from)
   at System.Net.Mail.SmtpTransport.SendMail(MailAddress sender MailAddressCollection recipients String deliveryNotify SmtpFailedRecipientException& exception)
   at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.Send(MailMessage message)
   at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.JobService.Extensions.Core.NotificationJobExtension.SendEmail(TeamFoundationRequestContext requestContext TeamFoundationNotification notification)
See EV100439 (TFS 2010 Email Alert with gmail and gmail smtp) for information about this type of problem.

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