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Event ID: 3001 Source: ATKCTRS

Unable to open ATK for R access. Returning IO Status Block in Data.
As per Microsoft: "These events indicate a problem with Performance Monitor not being able to communicate with the Appletalk Protocol.". See ME130000 link below for details.
See ME924208 for a possible solution to this problem.

As per Microsoft: "The AppleTalk Protocol is not installed or is not configured properly". See MSW2KDB for additional information about this event.
After changing my network configuration and removing an internal NIC on my server (now my router handles DHCP) I got this event as well as event 1008 from source Perflib ("The Open Procedure for service "AppleTalk" in DLL C:\WINNT\system32\atkctrs.dll failed..."). I checked my NIC card settings. Where the internal NIC handled appletalk and various other items, now the router does - but I needed to enable appletalk onto my servers external NIC to allow domain logins. Once appletalk was enabled event id's went away.
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - ME259277 was very helpfull for me. As per this article: "A common cause for these errors is that a domain controller references itself as a primary DNS server in its TCP/IP properties. When the domain controller starts in this configuration, the Netlogon service may start before the DNS service starts. Because the Netlogon service must register records in DNS and the DNS service is not yet available, errors may occur. In this situation, you can safely ignore the errors because the Netlogon service will again try to register the records in approximately five minutes, at which time it will be successful".

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