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Event ID: 3008 Source: MSExchangeTransport

A non-delivery report with a status code of 5.0.0 was generated for recipient <recipient> (Message-ID <message ID>).
Cause:  This indicates a permanent failure. Possible causes :
1)No route is defined for a given address space. For example an SMTP connector is configured but this recipient address does not match the address spaces for which it routes mail.
2)Domain Name Server (DNS) returned an authoritative host not found for the domain.
3)The routing group does not have a connector defined mail from one server in the routing group has no way to get to another routing group.
Solution: Verify that this error is not caused by a DNS lookup problem and then check the address spaces configured on your STMP connectors. If you are delivering Internet mail through an SMTP connector consider adding an address space of type SMTP with value * (an asterisk) to one of the SMTP connectors to make routing possible. Verify all routing groups are connected to each other through a routing group connector or another connector.
This event can occur because of a conflict between the Microsoft POP3 Service and the Microsoft Exchange POP3 Service. See ME909546 for details on fixing this issue.

This event occurs because the parsing of the Request for Comments (RFC) 2822 standard "From:" header or of the "body From" header does not function as expected on a server that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. See ME926347 for details.

As per Microsoft: "This event is logged when a non-delivery report is generated because Exchange cannot deliver a message". See MSEX2KDB for additional information about this event.
See ME321721. It provides info about sharing SMTP address spaces in Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange Server 2003.

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