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Event ID: 3033 Source: MRxSmb

The redirector was unable to register the address for transport <transport> for the following reason: <error message>
As per Microsoft: "Data transfer to the server temporarily stopped because the redirector could not give a network IP address to the transport. The redirector is software on your computer that intercepts requests for information and, when appropriate, directs them to the network. A transport is a data transportation mechanism. This event usually occurs on transports such as wireless or virtual private network (VPN) connections that dynamically go offline. Data transfer will resume when the transport comes back online". See MSW2KDB for more details.
Error message: "Transport has been taken offline." - this may occur when the network cable is unplugged or the switch/hub turned off.
Error message: "A duplicate name exists on the network. Transport has been taken offline." From a newsgroup post: "Recently I run into troubles when switching from Host-only networking to NAT. My guest is Windows2000 Server sp3, host WindowsXP Pro (no SP), and the guest is running with VMWare Workstation 3.2. When I started my Windows2000 server I got the error message "System Error : A duplicate name exists on the network"

The cause of the problem was because vmnetnat.conf had the wrong IP address. I checked with the VMware User Manual, under Networking -> Advanced Networking Topics -> Selecting IP Addresses on a Host-Only Network or NAT Configuration. It mentions to set the ip address both in vmnetdhcp.conf and in the registry \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ VMnetDHCP\Parameters\VirtualEthernetSegments\8 but not that it has to match vmnetnat.conf. After fixing that, everything is working fine again with NAT networking."
NetBIOS name conflicts when NetBEUI is used on multiple NICs. See ME103470.

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