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Event ID: 3036 Source: Gatherer

The content source <mapi://{s-1-5-21-780196323-1201367098-3460992459-500}/> cannot be accessed.

Context:  Application SystemIndex Catalog

MAPI: Not enough system resources were available to complete the operation. (0x8004010e)
According to ME940453, this behavior occurs because the account that you use to log on to the computer is a member of one or more of the following groups: Guests or Domain Guests. See the article for the suggested resolution.
I had the problem with Outlook. HTML links could not be open. I  reset the Indexing Service and the problem was fixed.
As per ME891538, this issue occurs if a crawling account is not specified in the site restriction rules and in the site path rules that are set up for the content index. For example, this issue occurs if the rules are configured to use the Use default crawling account option instead of the Specify crawling account option.

If the virtual server in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS 6.0) is configured to use only Basic authentication, you must specify a crawling account in the site restriction rules and in the site path rules that are configured for the content index. See the article for more details.
See also the comments for the other similar 3036 events.

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