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Event ID: 3036 Source: MicrosoftSearch

The crawl seed <path> in project <project name> cannot be accessed. Error: <error code> - A description for this error could not be found.
Error codes:
- 80041117 - no info
- 8004111e - no info
- 80041784 = "Langauge database/cache file could not be found." See ME296136.
- 80070522 = "A required privilege is not held by the client." See ME277549.
- 8007052e = "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password." See ME277549.
- 800705b4 = "This operation returned because the timeout period expired." See ME317746.
- 80150804 - See ME294830.
- c0000005 - no info
- Error code: 80040920 - I received this error after renaming a store. Deleting and recreating the full index solved the problem.
- Error: 80150804 - See ME887161.
- Error code: 80004002 = "No such interface supported" - See ME814035.

According to newsgroup posts this problem can be resolved by re-registering the Microsoft Search (MSSearch) DLL files on all the nodes of the Failover cluster. See ME817301 for details on this issue.
Error code: 80150804 - The problem could only be solved by deleting the fulltext index, dismounting store, remount store, physically delete folder for index files, create index and populate it again.

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