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Event ID: 31008 Source: ipnathlp

The DNS proxy agent was unable to read the local list of name-resolution servers from the registery. The data is the error code Bytes: 0000: 6f 00 00 00
As per Microsoft: "This event is usually logged when Internet Connection Sharing cannot find the DNS servers because a dial-up, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), or asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) connection is being shared. These types of connections are not ready when Internet Connection Sharing starts, so the DNS servers cannot be found. This event is logged when the computer is restarted or when the Internet connection is disconnected". See MSW2KDB for more details on this event.

From a newsgroup post: "You get this error when you do not have any DNS servers specified on your public interface. The DNS Servers have to be specified on your "Shared" interface".

From a newsgroup post: "On a system acting as an ICS host that uses a switched service connection, such as modem dial-up, ADSL, or ISDN, this error may be logged because the DNS proxy agent is loaded at boot up, but the switched connection is not yet active. An error is logged stating that Internet Connection Sharing could not resolve the DNS server. Once the connection is active, the Internet Connection Sharing service should be able to resolve the DNS server and errors should not be logged as long as the connection is active".
After this error i have to reboot to get my Internet connecton to work again, it happens one to two times a day and is very annoying. Using w2k Pro with an ISDN connection to my ISP.
I got the same using Internet Connection Sharing on a network sharing an ADSL-internet connection with 3 PCs. For me the solution was very simple. I had reinstalled two of my computers on the network. 1 computer was running 10\s MB full duplex, while the rest of my computers was running at 100 MB fd. After I switched my LAN-settings to 100 MB\s fd the problem was gone.
This happened when I upgraded a network from coax to udp whith a shared isdn-con. I found out the frametype of the network adapters should be 802.3. On most cards you can set this to automatic.

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