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Event ID: 32003 Source: ipnathlp

The Network Address Translator (NAT) was unable to request an operation of the kernel-mode translation module. This may indicate misconfiguration, insufficient resources, or an internal error. The data is the error code. Data: 0000: 1f 00 00 00
The server running network address translation (NAT) could not complete the operation. This may appear if the server is not configured correctly or there are insufficient resources, such as low memory or low non-paged pool. See MSW2KDB for more details on this event.
As per Microsoft: "This problem can occur if your NAT address pool is configured so that the start address is the same as the end address and the mask is". See ME293497 for more details.
On a Windows 2000 server with Nat protocol to share Internet connexion I got this error after installing ISA Server. I think it's a conflict between Proxy server and the NAT performed by the Internet sharing.
This event occurs on Windows 2000 Professional if you have Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) activated for a LAN adapter that is currently disabled, has no network cable plugged in or has a cross-link cable plugged and the connected computer is turned off. Solution: disable sensing of the "Link Down" state on the IP Stack - see ME239924
Another solution for getting rid of this error is simply to turn off the service. I had been using ICS, but then stopped sharing the connection, however, I accidentally left the service on. Once disabled, the error goes away.

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