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Event ID: 32052 Source: OCSUserServices

A C3P request sent to an Mcu timed-out. Conferencing requests for this Mcu type will be retried but if this error continues to occur conferencing functionality will be affected.

Mcu Url: https://servername:444/LiveServer/MCUFactory/
Resolution: Ensure that the Mcu is provisioned and functioning correctly. If any network related errors are reported by the Mcu ensure that they are resolved.
From a newsgroup post: "Go to your certificate; I used IIS and right clicked my website and hit Properties. I went to "Directory Security" and selected View cert. Go to the tab Details and select Edit properties and make sure that “Enable all purposes for this cert” is selected. This setting needs to be on all intermedia certificates and parent certificates, So after you verify your purchased certificate has enabled all purposes, go to the "certification path" tab and work your way up the tree selecting "view cert" and checking the details on each.
We have godaddy so there are 4 including the one we've purchased and all intermediate. The very top of our tree was the problem, so in our case I selected the Certification path tab, highlighted the top most cert "calicert class 2 policy validation authority”, and selected "View certificate". Then, I went to the tab Details, and selected Edit properties. I checked the radio button "Enable all purposes for this certificate" and the problem was solved". See the link to "Microsoft Forums - Cannot do 3 party conference" and ME937296 for more details.

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