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Event ID: 34113 Source: BackupExec

Backup Exec Alert: Job Failed. (Server: <server name>) (Job: <job name>) <job name>  -- The job failed with the following error: <error message>.
This is a very generic message recorded by Backup Exec in a various set of circumstances. The actual error detail is more relevant than the event id number. Please search for event id 34113 from Backup Exec and select from the list the event that matches the event description. A good place to start the troubleshooting of this error is the Symantec Support Page (Knowledge Base Search).
I had the same problem; I found the answer in Microsoft’s article ME826936.
I was trying to do a restore, but the remote agent would die during the restore. I found out that the service account for backup exec (v9.0) did not have write permissions to the folder it was restoring to. I ran "file redirection" and pointed it elsewhere, and the restore was completed successfully.
I got this error because the remote agent service for Backup Exec had stopped.
This error could also be generated when the backup device, in this case, a tape drive, has no more available space.

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