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Event ID: 4 Source: DB2

An entry has been logged to the DB2 Diagnostic Log for instance DB2. Please refer to this instance's DB2 Diagnostic Log for additional information.
From a newsgroup post: "If you receive the message: “The SVCENAME parameter in the database manager configuration file is not configured. Update the SVCENAME parameter using the service name defined in the TCP/IP services file”, it probably means that in your DB2 Instance, the DB2 registry variable "DB2COMM" includes the TCPIP protocol, but you do not have the "SVCENAME" parameter of the database manager configuration set. Two ways I can think of how to prevent this message:
1) Remove TCPIP from the DB2 registry variable "DB2COMM".
2) Update the "SVCENAME" parameter of the database manager configuration using the service name or port number for DB2 (from the services file). In your Database Manager Configuration there is a parameter called "SVCENAME". This parameter tells the DB2 Instance what port to listen on for TCPIP connect requests. I am sure there is some GUI-based way to update this, but I personally prefer the command line:
"db2 update database manager configuration using svcename .....".
Replace "....." with the appropriate Service name or port number for your DB2 Instance. See the DB2 Administration Guide for more details about Database and Database Manager configuration parameters".
In our case, this appeared to be a problem with a connection to our mainframe DB2 database and a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler component known as "pssubdsp".
This error occured after the installation of IBM UDB 7.1. When using DB2START I found "SPM04238". Message as follows "Syncpoint Manager recovery log is bad" in DB2DIAG.LOG To eliminate this error remove all SPM*.log files and use the command "DB UPDATE DBM CFG USING SPM_NAME NULL".

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