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Event ID: 4001 Source: smtpsvc

Message delivery to the remote domain '<domain name>' failed. The error message is "An SMTP protocol error occurred. '. The SMTP verb which caused the error is '<smtp command>'. The response from the remote server is '<server response>'
- Server response: "550 This system has been configured to reject your mail" - From a newsgroup post: "A program called Mailsweeper caused the issue; the client had added our email address to the list of banned address".

- Server response: "553 malformed address" - See ME284442.
RCPT - '550 Unable to relay for <domain name>' - the remote server does not allow SMTP relay so the message was not accepted. In certain conditions, this happens because the remote smtp server is configured to reject emails from certain servers in order to avoid spam. For example, if the IP adress of the host does not resolve to a domain name, than the server will drop the connection.

MAIL - '501 bogus mail from' - no info - it could be that the email address of the sender (mail from) is invalid (wrong format)

MAIL - '452 <email address>... DNS lookup for domain failed --- try again later' - Cause: there is no reverse name resolution for the sender domain and the remote mail server is configured to only allow mail from servers whose IP address resolve.

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