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Event ID: 4029 Source: MSExchangeIMC

The following message could not be delivered. The destination server reported: <message> From: <email address> Subject: <subject>
Message: 503 I wait for rcpt to first.
Message: 503 5.0.0 Need RCPT (recipient).
Message: 552 MessageWall: SMTP/REJECT: This address does not accept mail.
Message: 553 Sorry, too many error commands, closing connection.
Message: 554 RCPT first.
Check the Google thread on SMTP delivery problems for informations on SMTP delivery problems.
See the links to various SMTP error codes. If you get SMTP error message, it means that your e-mails were not sent. It is very important you to understand why this has happened so that you can fix the problem. All SMTP codes consist of three digits, for example, 550, 221, 354, etc. Not all of them mean some type of error. In order to understand how these codes work, you have to know that each digit (the first, the second and the third) have there own meaning.

The first digit tells you if your command was accepted and processed. There are five different values for that:
1. Mail server has accepted the command, but does not yet take any action. A confirmation message is required.
2. Mail server has completed the task successfully without errors.
3. Mail server has understood the request, but requires further information to complete it.
4. Mail server has encountered a temporary failure. If the command is repeated without any change, it might be completed.
5. Mail server has encountered a fatal error. Your request can't be processed.

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