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Event ID: 4096 Source: WebsenseEIMServer

Trans ID Agent: Disconnected from XID agent at this location. [server: <server>] [port: 30600].
The Websense EIM Server is the filtering service.  It works together with the Websense DC Agent.  This comment specifically addresses the following error:

0xcc8000: Trans ID Agent: Disconnected from XID agent at this location. [server: localhost] [port: 30600]

This can happen when the WebsenseDCAgent service is stopped.  Once it is restarted, you will see:

0xcc8000: Trans ID Agent: Connected to the XID agent at this location. [server: localhost] [port: 30600]

There can be other causes for Websense EIM Server events.  Check the following troublehooting KB, "Troubleshooting Transparent Identification Agents with ConsoleClient": EV100502 (Troubleshooting Transparent Identification Agents with ConsoleClient). There is also a ConsoleClient demo listed under Attachments near the very end of the article.
This event ID (4096) is used by the Websense application to record a wide variety of warnings so when looking for information about it, do not use simply the event id number, but the whole description of the event recorded on your server. Example of descriptions, all for the same event id:

- 0x1468000: An error occured while loading a real-time update file.
- 0x1468000: Error processing Websense Master Database. The system may be out of disk space.

Some of them are self-explanatory (such as the system may be out of disk space).

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