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Event ID: 4097 Source: AFAMGT

\Device\AFA0 : ID(0:00:0); <error message>
- Error: "RAM Failure" - Bad stick of ECC memory in a Dell PowerEdge system. Replacing the stick will fix the problem.
K: C: Q: are sense errors on the hard drive. It is short for Sense Key, Sense Code, and Sense Qualifier. Depending on the numbers, it could indicate a predictive failure on the drive or something else. Dell tech support will be able to tell you what the codes mean.
I solved this problem by replacing the faulty RAID hardware controller.
Error: "Unit Attention [k:0x6c:0x29q:0x2]" - Problem with Perc 3/Di RAID array controller that causes the system to hang (system running but not responding and with a blank screen). Only solution is a hard boot to recover the server. Ensure latest firmware updates and Windows updates have been applied and run RAID diagnostics.
Error "Invalid Field In CDB" - no info
Error "Timeout detected on cmd[0x1b]" - From a newsgroup post: "Is your RAID controller installed correctly? Is the tape device connected to the SCSI connection at the rear of the server? Have you tried to use the library with an external controller like a Adaptec 39160?"

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