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Event ID: 4097 Source: COM

The run-time environment has detected an inconsistency in its internal state. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services to report this error. <more detailed error information>
This problem occurs because of a code defect in the COM+ Services Type Library (Comsvcs.dll). See ME910394 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft COM+ 1.0 when used with Microsoft Windows 2000.

This problem may occur if you install Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows 2000 and use the drive remapping feature during the MetaFrame installation. See ME280719 for more information about this problem.

Also, see ME246679, ME262187 and ME287422 for additional information on this event.
See the link to "Citrix Support Document ID: CTX764017" for details on this event.
I received this error when the server had run out of space for the registry. To fix the problem, I increased the size of the registry.
For more information see ME267844.
Same error seen when a person has remapped C: to another drive during the Citrix Metaframe installation. There is a specific Microsoft and Citrix article mentioning the problem. Specifically the COM+ components are looking for the C: drive when they drive itself has has been remapped using the remapdrv utility. Microsoft ME263900 article outlines the issue. See also a suggested fix from Citrix (article CTX240747).

Error: "\crmrecoveryclerkobj.cpp(1149), hr = 80070003: GetVolumeInformation" - During a citrix drive remap, the tool "fixes" references in the Registry where C: -> M: but it does not properly reconfigure COM+ settings. See CTX457309.
Error: ".\crmrecoveryclerkobj.cpp(1149), hr = 80070003: GetVolumeInformation". This error occurs when the installing Citrix Metaframe XP FR2 under the following conditions:
- Citrix server is a member server of an AD domain
- Drive Remap feature run before installing Citrix Metaframe XP
- Drive remap feature appears to freeze up halfway through process
- User ends task, reboots server and assumes the process worked successfully as drives actually do show up as being remapped
- User then attempts to install Metaframe XP/FR2
- Halfway through install, an error message pops up on screen and the above entry is logged in the Event log.

Problem is due to drive remap not successfully working causing registry keys for COM object information not to be changed. This generates an error on the Metaframe install. The problem is actually a bug in the drive remap utility, Citrix have released a hotfix for it. The solution is to either set the server to be part of a workgroup and then run drive remap utility OR, download hotfix from Citrix web site.
This error indicates that the internal error handling for MTS or COM+, which is known as Failfast, caught a potentially fatal exception. There are a wide variety of causes, and the event description includes specific error information about the nature and cause of the exception. See the link below for instructions on how to troubleshoot this event.
Please see ME193230 for a situation when Server.CreateObject fails when object is behind firewall.

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