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Event ID: 4098 Source: COM

A method call to an object in a com+ application was rejected because the caller is not properly authorized to make this call. The COM+ application is configured to use Application and Component level access checks, and enforcement of these checks is currently enabled. The remainder of this message provides information about the component method that the caller attempted to invoke and the identity of the caller. Destination of the rejected call: Application Id: {02D4B3F1-FD88-11D1-960D-00805FC79235} CLSID: {182C40F0-32E4-11D0-818B-00A0C9231C29} IID: {47CDE9A1-0BF6-11D2-8016-00C04FB9988E} Method #: 7 Class: Catsrv.CatalogServer.1 Interface: ICSServiceControl Method: IsServiceInstalled Caller Information: Svc/Lvl/Imp = 10/6/2, Identity = domain\user
As per Microsoft: "This problem occurs because the security is checked between two components in the same application. Normally, no access should be checked between components in the COM+ application". See ME312951 to find out how you can solve this problem.

See ME301451 for additional information on this event.
As per Microsoft: "The NT Authority\SYSTEM account is missing from the Privileged Workflow Authors role on the server. Exchange Server services run as the Local System Account (NT Authority\System), and the identity of the OnTimer call to your workflow event sink is "Local system". Add the NT Authority\SYSTEM account to the Priviliged Workflow Authors role". See ME297508 and ME300310 for more details on this event.
From a newsgroup post: "It looks as though the calling process is using a security context that is not configured for the component role that it is trying to use, or (note the _unknown_ in msg) the calling process is trying to use an anonymous binding. Refer to the docs that came with the component and configure in Component services."

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