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Event ID: 4098 Source: afamgt

\Device\AFA0 : <details>.
- Details: Enclosure 0 - Temperature 235, over threshold 120 - This event may also appear if there is an excessive temperature reading from the controller. You need to check through your hardware admin software to verify that the event is valid.
- Details: Controller battery needs reconditioning - This error can appear on Dell Servers. The PERC/RAID controller battery needs to be charged/reconditioned. Reconditioning may take up to 8 hours. While battery reconditioning is in progress the performance of the controller’s virtual disks will be degraded as no caching of read/write operations is performed. It is recommended that you perform this task at during low peak usage. To recondition the battery on a server running Microsoft Windows do the following. Go to Start -> Programs -> Dell Open Manage Applications -> Array Manager -> Array Manager Consul, expand <server name>, expand Arrays, expand PERC Subsystem. Right-click on PERC card and select properties, the PERC Controller dialog box appears. On the general tab will be displayed the battery's charge. Click on the button to “recondition”.
- Details: "Battery is Charging" - See "Dell Support Forum ID 15256" for details on this problem.

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