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Event ID: 4099 Source: KXRpc

Runtime info : (Error : Access is denied. (0x5/5) GetLocalGroups() : NetUserGetLocalGroups on : <server>/<server> failed for <domain>/<server>)

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
According to the release notes from ScriptLogic all the old services are incorporated into a single service now. Yet we still get these messages in the event log.
Updating the ScriptLogic Services: ScriptLogic now uses a new service called the ScriptLogic Service. This service incorporates the functionality of all the prior version’s services (KiXtart RPC, ScriptLogic RPC and ScriptLogic RunAdmin) into one. Before the new version of ScriptLogic will execute for any users, this new service must be installed and started on the designated domain controllers/servers and the new configuration files must be replicated. The first time Server Manager is loaded, you will be prompted to remove the old services. When you are ready to replicate the new files, allow Server Manger to remove the old services. Once the old services are stopped and removed, the previous version of ScriptLogic will not be fully functional until the new configuration files are replicated. If you choose not to remove the legacy services at this time, you will be prompted each time you go into Server Manager. The legacy service columns in the Server Manager will only be shown if the legacy services are detected. Upon exiting the Server Manager, you will be prompted to replicate the new settings. Once the new service has been installed and started, your configuration files should be replicated. Once the new configuration files are replicated, the update of ScriptLogic is complete. Be sure to check the ScriptLogic forum for more information about this particular event.
Reinstalling the KXRPC service could help.

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