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Event ID: 410 Source: DNS

The DNS server list of restricted interfaces does not contain a valid IP address for the server computer. The DNS server will use all IP interfaces on the machine.
Use the DNS manager server properties, interfaces dialog, to verify and reset the IP addresses the DNS server should listen on.  For more information, see "To restrict a DNS server to listen only on selected addresses" in the online Help.
(1) In one case, this was due to the network not configured correctly. Correct the network configuration to resolve the problem.
(2) In another case, this happened when a Ghost image from a domain controller was downloaded to a test computer. The network settings were lost due to the network cards in the test computer being different to those in the image. Active directory, DNS and networking were reconfigured and the computer restarted. This message did not appear after the settings were corrected.
(3) Also occurs as part of the procedure to reset TCP/IP that is detailed in ME837333. If the HLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Winsock registry key is missing, restore it from a backup or from a similar computer.
As per ME326911, "The ListenAddresses registry key value is damaged", please see the link for solving.

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