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Event ID: 4156 Source: MSDTC

String Message: Session idle timout over, tearing down session.
This message indicates that the connection between a Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) client and Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) is being torn down due to inactivity. See ME290334 to solve this problem.
Citrix MetaFrame was causing this issue for me. I upgraded to latest service pack for MetaFrame to resolve issue.
This problem is also known to be caused by a bug in the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator. There are several Microsoft articles with information about this event: ME280841, ME281461, ME289751, ME298728, ME312947.
According to a newsgroup post: "Had this problem between some web servers and a SQL Cluster. Reason for the error was that the sql servers sometimes had trouble finding the webservers by their name (WINS wasnt ok). As the error says "Timed Out while waiting for the secondary to Bind". Temporarily added servername + ip in the lmhosts on the servers till name resolution was fixed. Solved the problem."

Another post: "This message occurs whenever you have an MTS package (could be a custom component, or a web site that runs in a separate memory space) that is set to unload automatically. The default timeout is 3 minutes of inactivity. You should be able to go in to the properties of that package and tell it to stay in memory. This will help improve performance slightly."

Several suggestions recommend installing the latest service packs of the application that is running on that server. See also ME197810 for some information about MSDTC idle timeouts.

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