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Event ID: 418 Source: smtpsvc

Virtual Server <number>: SMTP server cannot read metabase key MailQueueDir. [or MailPickupDir]
In my case, this event started showing up after installing Symantec Mail Security for Exchange 4.5x on a W2K SP4 Exchange 2K sp3 system. Testing showed that if you have ever created a second Virtual SMTP server in the ESM (Exchange System Manger) and then deleted it, it would cause this problem with the above-mentioned Symantec product. The error appears after the Symantec service is started (which tries to reregister event sinks in the metabase with the no longer existing Virtual SMTP server). Symantec Tech support claims this to be a Microsoft problem and is looking into it.
As per ME326854, this error can be caused by the fact that there is a record in the metabase for a virtual server that is not present in Exchange System Manager.

This event can also be caused by damage in the metabase or metabase keys that are missing from the SMTP virtual server. See ME326740 to fix this problem.
A virtual server had been created and somehow deleted. It seems that it was orphaned. Had to use MetaEdit2.2 as documented in ME232068. Deleted key LM\SmtpSvc\2. Restarted SMTP service.
There is a side effect of E2K SP3: IUSR_* and IWAM_* accounts have no longer enough rights into the IIS metabase. This causes the error, more precise a previously working CDOEX, CDONTS or CDOSYS application that uses SMTP to send e-mail messages may fail. Please see ME816789 for all the details and the workarounds.

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