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Event ID: 4193 Source: MSDTC

MS DTC started with the following settings (OFF = 0 and ON = 1):

Security Configuration:
Network Administration of Transactions = 0,
Network Clients = 0,
Inbound Distributed Transactions using Native MSDTC Protocol = 0,
Outbound Distributed Transactions using Native MSDTC Protocol = 0,
Transaction Internet Protocol (TIP) = 0,
XA Transactions = 0
Filtering Duplicate events = 1
This event is just informational, to describe the status of MS DTC after a restart, however, it is often recorded in conjuction with other messages (errors) from the same service (MSDTC).

From a support forum: "To resolve this, go through the following steps:
1. Start/Administrative Tools/Component Services
2. Navigate the tree view on the left to:
- Console Root
- Component Services
- Computers
- My Computer
3. Right click on "My Computer"
- Select properties
- Select the MSDTC Tab
- Under "Transaction Configuration" near the bottom, click "Security Configuration"
4. On the Security Configuration screen, just click OK - don't change anything.
5. Back on the "My Computer Properties" screen, click OK again to dismiss
6. Right click on "My Computer" in the tree view and select "Stop MS DTC"
7. Right click on "My Computer" in the tree view and select "Start MS DTC"
8. Close the Component Services snapin."

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