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Event ID: 4197 Source: Wins

Could not bind an address to a socket. This might mean that the "nameserver" port (specified in the services file) which is used as default by WINS for replication  and discovering other WINSs has been taken by another process/service running on this computer. You have two options - either bring down that other process/service or direct WINS to use another port. If you choose the second option, set the value "PortNo" (REG_DWORD) under Wins\Parameters key in the registry to 1512.  
NOTE however that changing the port no. this way will prevent this WINS from replicating/discovering other WINSs unless they too are directed to use the same port no. as this WINS.
We worked around this issue by starting the Wins service before DNS (or stop DNS, start Wins and restart DNS).
A more permanent way of making sure that Wins starts before DNS would be to make the Wins service a dependency of DNS. Modify the DependOnService registry value under
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DNS - add Wins to the
existing list of services. Use the REGEDT32 registry editor to modify this
specific value.

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