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Event ID: 4201 Source: Tcpip

The system detected that network adapter Intel(R) PRO/100 VM Network Connection was connected to the network, and has initiated normal operation over the network adapter.
This is just an informational message and occurs for Windows servers (clustered or not) and Windows workstations. Windows detects the LINK activation for the Ethernet 10/100BaseT adapter. But it is a very good indication for situations when there is a cable problem or switch/hub issue.
In my case this problem was caused by a switch problem. I replaced the switch with a new one and the event disappeared.
I was getting this event every few seconds after I recovered my corrupted hard drive. A router restart solved the problem.
I came across this error on a system. The System Log was full of these events. I noticed that the wireless network icon was indicating that Windows was trying to acquire a network address. I had changed the WPA-PSK password recently and had not updated it on the machine. Every time the machine tried to update (about every 10 seconds) it recorded an error. I updated the password and the error has gone away.
I was getting literally thousands of 4201 error messages on my server over a three-week period. It turned out that the switch was failing. After I replaced the switch, the problem ceased to reappear.

See also ME325487.
This error may appear in a cluster environment. See ME276457 and ME239924.

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