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Event ID: 421 Source: WindowsServerUpdateServices

Connection to database failed. Reason=<error message>. Connection string: Data Source=APPLICATION\WSUS;Initial Catalog=SUSDB;Connection Timeout=60;Application Name=WSUS SQL Connection;Trusted_Connection=Yes;Pooling='true'; Max Pool Size = 100.
Reason=Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE'. -  From a support forum: I ran into a similar issue. Apparently WSUS SP1 doesn't always migrate the database to the new WMSDE service pack properly. The fix is easy though. The sa account and the Administrator's account can still log into the database. You just need to add the NT Authority\Network Service back as a valid login. You can do this with the osql command line tool, but I'd recommend grabbing a freeware graphical tool to do this. I use EMS's SQL Manager Lite. It's freeware and it allows you to do routine maintenance on MSDE instances. Use this tool to connect to the WSUS instance and add the login.
Reason=An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. - I am getting this after uninstalling WSUS 2.0 and installing WSUS 3.0. No fix yet.
- Reason: "Timeout expired" - A solution for this problem can be found by reading "Timeout Approving Updates in WSUS".
- Reason: "SQL Server does not exist or access denied" - See ME920899.
- Reason: "Cannot open database requested in login 'SUSDB'" - From a newsgroup post: "I also had this error along with a message on the WSUS admin page stating that the WSUSService did not start. To resolve this, I went on my WSUS server services and I changed the "Update Services" service to use the local system instead of the network authority. Once I did that and restarted my IIS services, the error went away". From the same newsgroup post: "Instead of trying to fix it, I just uninstalled and resinstalled WSUS. It was easy and pretty fast, and after I configured my settings again, all my clients attached, I synronized again and I was good to go".
- Reason: "Login failed for user '(null)'" - From a newsgroup post: "On the Front End computer in a Front End/Back End WSUS installation you are probably dealing with a DTC problem. You need to enable DTC and allow access to un-authenticated users. Perform this on the front end computer:

1.Go to administrative tools and open Component Services.
2.Expand the Component Services Group
3.Click on Computers
4.Then in the right hand pane, right click on My Computer
5.Click Properties
6.Click the MSDTC tab
7.Click the Security Settings Button
8.Now make sure every check box is checked and the No Authentication radio button is selected.
9.Click OK and say yes to anything it asks you to do.

This should fix this problem".
The database access for group "WSUS Administrators" is not configured. Within the SQL Enterprise Manager examine whether the group "WSUS Administrators" exists. If the group exists, check that the server is a member of that group.

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