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Event ID: 4214 Source: COM

The QC Player detected an invalid QC message. The message will be moved to the deadqueue.
Server Application ID: <application ID>
Server Application Name: <application name>
Error Code = <error code>: Catastrophic failure
COM+ Services Internals Information:
File: .\lquereceive.cpp, Line: 1243
- Error code: 0x8000ffff - As per Microsoft: "This error usually occurs because the Authentication Level on the COM+ Application was increased to a value higher than None after the application proxy was exported to the sending computer. QC uses authenticated messages with applications that have an Authentication Level other than None. You may also receive this error if you send unauthenticated messages when the application didn't require authentication". See ME269292 to solve this problem.

As per Microsoft: "When you move an unauthenticated COM+ Queued Component Message from a Dead Queue back to a Public Queue, the Queued Component Listener will loop infinitely and will generate an Event ID: 4214 application event log message for each iteration". See ME840999 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft COM+ 1.0, when used with Microsoft Windows 2000.

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