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Event ID: 4238 Source: COM

com+ has determined that your machine is running very low on available memory.  In order to ensure proper system behavior, the activation of the component has been refused.  If this problem continues, either install more memory or increase the size of your Paging File.  Memory statistics are:
dwMemoryLoad = 99
dwTotalPhys = 536383488
dwAvailPhys = 3842048
dwTotalPageFile = 2114076672
dwAvailPageFile = 90701824
dwTotalVirtual = 2147352576
dwAvailVirtual = 1205948416
Server Application ID: {CDA13B4A-117C-4A9F-859C-03AF92ED54E1}
Server Application Name: IIS-{}
See ME889159 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004.
Virtual memory was very high and no new sessions could be created on IIS. Users were getting "HTTP/1.1 New Session Failed" in their browser. Used IISReset and memory usage went back down to normal levels.
This event was stopped after increasing the size of the pagefile.

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