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Event ID: 427 Source: ESENT

<process> (<number>) The database engine could not access the file called <full path>\<file name>.
- Process: "wuaueng.dll", file: "edb.log" This error occurred on our Windows 2000 SP4 machine after upgrading our WSUS Server from WSUS 2.0 to WSUS 3.0. Reregistering wups2.dll seems to have solved the problem. Run the following command to register wups2.dll:

- regsvr32 %windir%\system32\wups2.dll.
- Process: "wuaueng.dll", file: "edb.log" - See the link to "Troubleshooting Client Setup".
See the link to "EventID 427 from source ESE" for details on this issue.
Process: jetpack File: j50.chk. This occurs if the WINS or DHCP service is not stopped before you attempt to use the Jetpack utility. See ME264515 and ME145881 for more details.

Process: "grovel". File: "database.mdb" - no info
Process: "NTDS". File: "ntds.pat" - no info
Process: "wins". File: "wins.mdb" - no info
Process: "services". File: "edb.chk". - no info

Process: "services". File: "secedit.sdb". Why couldn't the file be accessed? A couple of reasons spring to mind: The backup software had locked the file whilst backing up, or antivirus software had locked it whilst scanning. In my case, it was the backup. This may apply to all types of process/file combination.

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