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Event ID: 4281 Source: WINS

A lock error has occurred. This could happen if the WINS is trying to send a response on a dialogue that is no longer ACTIVE. An implicit dialogue can cease to exist if the association it is mapped to terminates. In this case, getting a lock error is normal.
As per Microsoft: "WINS binds to the first adapter in a machine with more than one adapter bound to TCP/IP. Check the binding order of adapters and make sure the first one has a valid IP address for the WINS server". See ME142311 for additional information about this event.
As per Microsoft: "This error message is typically logged in combination with other WINS error messages. An event ID 4281 message typically is logged as a side effect of other WINS errors. Typically, you resolve this error message when you resolve the other WINS error messages. See ME321208 for more details.

A lock error can happen if WINS is trying to send a response on a dialogue that is no longer ACTIVE. See MSW2KDB for additional information.

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