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Event ID: 4283 Source: MSExchangeMTA

Unable to recognize an internal message identifier. Internal connection handle (LPI) 1-15-4 Error code: 8465 [POP4 POP4 UP 6 228] (14)
As per Microsoft: "The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) transport layer encountered an unexpected condition in communicating with the lower layer services. This usually indicates that a timing window closed during connection". See MSEX2K3DB for additional information about this event.
This error can occur if the Microsoft Exchange Message Transfer Agent (MTA) gets backed up trying to deliver messages and the transport connection is lost. See ME152897 for more details.
The error can be handled simply by stopping and restarting the MTA-service.
When two Exchange Server computers are connected with an X.400 Connector, mail may queue up in both X.400 queues and not flow in either direction. The error occurs if the message transfer agent (MTA) becomes backed up while it is trying to deliver messages, and the transport connection is lost.

According to Microsoft: "This behavior can occur if you use Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) or NetBIOS names to configure the connectors. To resolve this behavior, on both Exchange servers, configure the X.400 Connector to use the IP address of the remote MTA, and then restart both MTAs." See ME306959.
For Exchange Server 5.5 SP3, "This problem can occur if there is an error in the way the MTA processes its internal control blocks" (ME266792).

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