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Event ID: 429 Source: SMTPSVC

Virtual Server Invalid MailQueue Directory: The specified mail queue directory is not valid. Cannot start the SMTP Service.
This event can have multiple causes. See ME329167 to fix this issue.

See ME933781 for additional information about this event.
Lack of disk space will also cause this error.
We run an IIS SMTP VS on a separate W2K3 server (not exchange). After a power outage, the Queue folder disappeared; there was only a file with the same name, 0 bytes in size. I deleted the file, I recreated the folder and I restarted the service. The IIS Metabase was not corrupted.
After you move Exchange 2000 Server to a different computer, the SMTP service may not start. To resolve this issue, use the ADSI Edit utility to modify the Active Directory properties to reflect the correct drive locations. See ME327021 for more details.

From a newsgroup post: "We once had a situation that messages disappeared in funny folder. We had to recreate folders, copy them and then move pointers with adsiedit. After that mail started to flow correctly".

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