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Event ID: 4306 Source: Wins

The length of the message sent by another WINS indicates a very big message. There may have been corruption of the data. WINS will ignore this message, terminate the connection with the remote WINS, and continue.
I got this event logged every 5 min on my two WINS servers. After doing a network sniff, it came from a workstation on our domain that was running "Big Brother" from Quest Software. This software scans the host for a running service and in this case the owner of the workstation had configured it to scan our WINS server every 5min. The Network Sniff showed a packet with the description of "WINS: Send Entries Reply (Continued)". Look for this.
I have got this message when using some Security Scanner against my server. So, if you get this one, there may be DoS (Denial of Service) attack against your server.

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