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Event ID: 4307 Source: Wins

The replicator PULL thread of WINS ecountered an exception while processing a request. Check other log entries to determine what went wrong.
The periodic replication would not work and if you forced a replication, this event would occur.

I thought I had found a solution that makes WINS work again.
1. Open the database (through WINS admin)on the server that is not working and find the highest version ID. (Mappings, Show Database, Sort by Version ID)
2. Open the configuration for that server. Click the advanced button. Enter a number in the field "Starting version count (hex)" that is higher than the number from step 1.
3. Stop the WINS service on the server.
4. Delete all files from the wins folder (C:\winnt\system32\wins)
5. Start the WINS service.

But this only works until the box is rebooted, then the same old problem occurs. I have another solution, and it fixes it permanently. Just re-apply service pack 6a. I tested this on serveral servers and they are now running WINS properly and can go through reboots with no effect on WINS. I also applied all the available hot fixes from Microsoft Update with no effect on WINS.

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